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Calculate Principal Amount (P)


₹ 1,00,000
Principal Amount
₹ 60,000
Interest Amount
₹ 1,60,000
Total Amount
Interest % to Total Amount

Simple Interest Calculator

What is Simple Interest ?

Simple interest is a method to calculate the interest rate on a loan payment. Interest is always depends on the original principle or sum, so interest on interest is not included.

What is interest rate ?

Interest rate is the percentage at which interest accrued over time.

What is Interest Amount ?

Interest amount is the monthly simple interest payable

What is No. of Years ?

Time or period is the length of period in years.

Formula to Calculate Principal Amount in Simple Interest

The principal amount in simple interest calculation can be calculated using given formula

  • I is the interest amount,
  • P is the principal amount,
  • R is the annual interest rate in % form, and
  • N is the loan period expressed in years.

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