Indian Standard Beam Profile

ISMB 500 ( Indian Standard Medium Weight Beam )


Weight / meter

86.90 kg/m

191.57974 lbs/m

Weight / feet

26.48712 kg/ft

58.3941061 lbs/ft

Property Value
Name ISMB 500
Common Name Indian Standard Medium Weight Beam 500
Weight per Meter (w) 86.90 Kg/m
Sectional Area (a) 110.74 cm2
Depth of Section (h) 500 mm
Width of Flange (b) 180 mm
Thickness of Flange (tf) 17.20 mm
Thickness of Web (tw) 10.20 mm
Moment of Inertia (lxx) 45218.30 cm4
Moment of Inertia (lyy) 1369.80 cm4
Radius of Gyration (rxx) 20.21 cm
Radius of Gyration (ryy) 3.52 cm
Property Value
Modulus of Section (Zxx) 1808.70 cm3
Modulus of Section (Zyy) 152.20 cm3
Radius at Root (r1) 17.00 mm
Radius at Toe (r2) 8.50 mm
Slope of Flange (D) 98.00 degrees
Connection (h1) 424.10 mm
Connection (h2) 37.95 mm
Connection (b1) 84.90 mm
Connection (c) 6.60 mm
Connection (g) 100 mm
Connection (gl min) 75 mm
Max Size of Flange Rivet 28 mm

Some Important Definitions